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Hi there! I work in the field of music and web development. I create websites tailored for musicians, labels, festivals, venues, artists and many more. A website is the visual access to an artists work and is gaining importance as “digital artwork” of a release.

My work includes individual graphic design and coding.

Feel free to get in touch if you have further questions or just to say hello.

aeny - Hamburg based design studio
web design by Philipp Mooren / development by Steffen Mayer

Jeff Cascaro - jazz/soul singer (Herzog Records)
web design / development by Steffen Mayer

nWog Records - Swiss jazz label founded by Nils Wogram
web design / development by Steffen Mayer

Nighthawks - band (Herzog Records)
web design / development by Steffen Mayer

ADHD - indie jazz band from Iceland
web design / development by Steffen Mayer

Design Studio

With a strong network of journalists, jazz magazines, blogs and radio stations, I offer a worldwide PR for artists and album releases with a main focus on USA, UK and central Europe.

For more information please visit the websites of the PR agencies I am working with:



↳Selected artists:
Contrast Trio
Lucia Cadotsch
Nicole Johänntgen
Kaos Protokoll
Edward Maclean
China Moses

↳MPS Records:
Back catalogue re-issue program.

↳Pirouet Records:
Goldings / Bernstein / Stewart
Pablo Held Trio
Kathrin Pechlof
Anna Webber
Jason Seizer
Hayden Chisholm
Rainer Böhm / Norbert Scholly
Kenny Werner
Achim Kaufmann
Christian Lillinger
Joyce Moreno & Kenny Werner
Robert Landfermann
Bill Stewart
Joris Roelofs
Bastian Stein
Henning Sieverts
Christian Weidner
Jochen Rueckert
Jorge Rossy
Frank Kimbrough
Ronny Graupe

Jazz Indie Pop